Updating a Template Rota

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Select Rotas and then Your Template – if you have an active rota select your rota and then Edit Template.

You can make any changes you like to the rota, then once you are happy with these changes you will need to activate them.

If your template is already active then you do not need to do anything at the top of the new screen. If you are updating an old rota then you will need to switch on the Auto Process which will remove the old active template.

Click on the button at the top with the blue and red arrow in a circle to open up your options.

Option 1 (note the wording in the box).

Option 2

Option 3

Option 4

Finally you will need to say when these changes take effect.

Always check your rota after you have completed these steps. If there is an issue you can roll back the changes by selecting Reverse Changes.