When a Service User or Resident Leaves

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Recording a Service User as leaving your care can be done on both Care Control Windows and Care Control Mobile.

If your Service User is only leaving temporarily, to ensure that you have the same monitoring areas on their return, you will need to bulk start/ stop the monitoring. You can find more information about this on the Bulk Start/Stop page on www.ccacademy.co.uk in the Manual Section.

Care Control Windows

Go to the Administration of Care Control.

Go to Client Area.

Select Resident is Leaving.

Select the Service User you require from the list on the left hand side of the screen.

Enter the date the Service User left in the Date of Leaving text box. You will need the format 11/02/2018 rather than 11.02.2018 as the system will only accept forward slashes. If you select the calendar to the right of the text box you can select the date from the calendar:

Enter the reason the Service User is leaving in the text box below Reason for Leaving.

Once finished, select Process.

Care Control Mobile

To record a Service User leaving using Care Control Mobile first go to your home page.

Select Your Staff Menu.

Select Care Management.

Select Resident Leaving.

Select the Service User you are recording as leaving from the list of service users.

Select Continue.

Select the date the Service User left from the dropdown next to Event Date.

Select the Time the Service User left next by clicking on the text box next to Event Time.

Enter the reason the Service User is leaving by clicking Edit next to Enter Reason for Resident Leaving.


Once completed, select Process.

If you are sure that the information is correct, select Yes when prompted to Continue.