Updating your Care Control Mobile on a Windows PC

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To update your Care Control Mobile on your windows system. First you need to exit your current Care Control mobile.

Next go to your web browser (google chrome, internet explorer etc).

Put http://secure.carecontrolsystems.co.uk/downloads/carecontrolmobile.exe  and press enter. (Alternatively you can click the link from this page).

This will start the download, usually in the bottom left hand corner of your screen.

Once the download has completed, you need to click on the download (depending on your computers settings it may give you the option to Run or Save the file).

If your computer has User account control set up on it you may now have to enter your administrator password.

The CareControl mobile installation wizard will now open.

On the first screen that appears you need to select “Next”.

On the next screen select “Install”.

The installer will now do the rest for you. Once complete a message will appear stating “Care Control Mobile has installed. A shortcut has

been placed on your desktop”. Click OK. On the wizard, click close.

Your newly updated CareControl mobile will now appear on your desktop.