Setting Up Friends and Family Access

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Care Control has a feature which allows family or friends of residents to view aspects of the care being provided. In this section we will cover how to set this up.

To access the Friends and Family area, you will need to go into the Full Admin part of the main Windows system. From there, select the Communication Area tab.

In the right-hand column, select Friends and Family.

A window will open allowing for Friends and Family configuration. If you don’t have any accounts set up, this will be empty for the moment.

To create a new account for somebody, select Add Record in the bottom-right corner. This will open another window.

The security code at the top will be generated after the details are filled in and the record has been saved. We’ll come back to this later.

You can either set the PIN yourself or leave it as it is. So long as the box for Force PIN Change is ticked, the friend or family signing in will have to change the PIN to something they are more likely to remember.

The next few boxes will allow you to enter who will be accessing the Friends and Family feature.

The Client Association box will allow you to select which resident’s information the person is able to view.

The Relationship box will initially have no options, but you can type whatever the relationship is into the box and this will save it as an option for future input.

‘Is Active’ is defaulted with a tick. Un-ticking this will stop access to any information.

The Permissions section will allow you to select what the family/friend can view.

Personal Details, Key Contacts and Medication Profile will give the options to either Show Everything or be Not Visible.

Life History will have the options to be Not Visible, ‘Show Everything – Cannot Make Change’ or ‘Show Everything – Can Make Changes’. This is so that, if desired, the family/friend can add or amend any information in the resident’s Life History.

Care Review and Risk Assessments have the options of Not Visible or Show Latest.

Medical Visits will give the options of Not Visible or Show Last 6 Months of Visits.

Notes has four options: Not Visible.

‘Make available all notes from Last 90 Days’, which will give complete access to every note relating to the resident from the last 3 months.

‘Only show notes you mark for inclusion’, which allows you to tailor what can be viewed e.g. does the family/friend want to see all wellbeing or bowel notes?

‘Only show Activity Notes’.

At the bottom of the window is to Save Record. You will need to save the information you’ve entered for the Security Code to be generated. The current window will close and take you back to the Configuration screen. Your new family/friend will appear here with their new security code. This screen will also tell you when people last accessed the resident’s information and how many times they’ve done so.

There are two more options for Family and Friends. If you select the grey box to the left of the record and then View Record in the bottom-left corner, you can reopen the record.

The middle button at the bottom opens a window for Manage Note Inclusions. When you enter the Note Inclusion section you can select the notes you want to include, or you can simply select Include All Notes. When you are finished, press Save Changes.

The last button is in the bottom-left corner called Print Set-up. This will give you a document with the Friends and Family code and PIN. The document will also give instructions on where to get the Care Control Mobile app that is needed and how to set it up for Friends and Family access.