Lock your iPad/ iPhone to Care Control

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Lock your iPad/ iPhone to Care Control

You are now able to set your Apple products into “Kiosk” mode. When in kiosk mode users will be unable to exit a selected app without a pin code, meaning you can lock the device to just use Care Control.

Firstly, select the settings icon on your iPad homescreen.

Go to “General”

Go to “Accessibility”

Scroll down to and select “Guided Access”

Create a guided access pin number

Exit settings by selecting the home button (physical button below the screen).

Once open and you can see the Care Control pin screen, tap the home button 3 times in quick succession.

If successful, a message will display “Guided Access Enabled”.

The device will be locked into Care Control until guided access is disabled. To disable, triple tap the home button once more and enter your exit pin.

If you forget your guided access pin number- the return to normal mode once the battery has run out.