How to carry out a correction on eMAR

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There may be times you need to make a correction on eMAR, for example you have chosen the wrong option when administering.

First you will need to click on the setting cog on the PIN screen:

You will then need to enter your PIN and your Administration Password, then click Continue:

You will then see the Administration Settings screen.

Click on the tab to the left of the screen – Show Administration Options:

You will then see your Administration Options. Click on Corrections:

You will then be able to choose which service user you need to complete a correction on – just click on their name and you will see their schedule entries.

You will then need to click on the entry you need to correct:

When you click on the medication you will see a screen on which you can make your corrections:

Here you can enter your corrections:

  • 1 – New Value = Who Administered
  • 2 – Admin Date/Time
  • 3 – Admin Dose
  • 4 – Second Staff = Second member of staff if required
  • 5 – Admin Result = Choose if Administered, Destroyed etc
  • 6 – Admin Comment = enter comment
  • 7 – Status = Completed, completed late, Expired

8 – When happy click on Save, this will complete your correction.