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During the initial training session, you will have set up default monitoring for your residents. This may or may not be completely relevant to any particular resident and it will need to be personalised for each of their needs. So, how do we do this?

First of all, open up Care Control Windows and if it opens on the screen below – the dashboard – click on Manage Monitoring:

Step 1

If it opens on the following screen you are on the Full Administration Screen. Click on Manage Monitoring:

Step 1A

Step 2

This will take you into the screen for amending each resident’s Monitoring individually:

On this screen you will be able to choose from the following buttons:

Button one – New Resident Defaults – Any new resident will be set up with the care that is detailed within this button setting.

Button Two – Bulk Start/Stop – Click here to stop or restart all the monitoring of an individual resident.

Button Three – Update / End – You will need to click on the area of monitoring on the Areas we are Monitoring section and you will be able to update the frequency or stop the monitoring immediately, or by a certain date.

Button 4 – Add a New monitoring for a change in need.

Step 3

In order to amend the frequency for Amanda Langhorn’s bath monitoring you would need to click on her name in the Current Active Resident list then select Bath from the Areas we are Monitoring, then select Update/End:

Step 4

Select Change and this will open up the screen so that you can amend the Frequency:

Step 5

You can then set the Frequency with the following options as well as defining when the Monitoring will take place:

Button 1 – 1 day to 365 Days

This is the least amount of days you would expect this care to be provided and it will flag up on the Home Status if it reaches this number of days as an

if overdue, then as a

until completed or never (this means you are able to record this monitoring but no prompts will be given).

Button 2 – In Hours

This can be as little as every 15 minutes (intensive one to one) or up to 23 hours. On the Home Status if it reaches this number of minutes or hours it shows as an

if overdue and then as a

until completed.

Button 3 – By Time(s)

This means that you can set up one or more times within the day for care to be provided.

Button 4 – By Day Shift

If this is ticked then the day staff would be responsible for this care area.

Button 5 – By Night Shift

If this is ticked then the night staff would be responsible for this care area.

Button 6 – For 24 Hour Period

If this is ticked then the care needs to be provided over each 24 hours.

Click on the dropdown arrow, select the date and click Update – this will change the frequency.

To set up By Time, click Button 1 then Button 2. In Start Time (Button 3) enter the start time (**:** format) and then the same format on Button 4. Click Button 5 and this will add the time frame for the care to be done. You may wish to enter more than one time, repeat 1 – 5 until you have your times over a 24-hour period:

Once you are happy click the Update button:

Then click Update Monitoring:

If you no longer require the Monitoring or want it to stop select the Monitoring you wish to stop, as before.

Look at the Duration area:

Area one means that if selected this monitoring is ongoing and it will continue until you end the monitoring.

Area two means that this monitoring will continue for a set number of days, up to 365 days.

Area three means that you wish to stop this monitoring immediately. You will need to click on 1 and then enter information into 2 as to why you are stopping this monitoring – you can spell check using number 3 – and finally confirm this by clicking number 4, Update Monitoring. If you have made a mistake click Cancel [No changes will be made]: