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Dependency/Cost of Care is a tool designed to help your business determine the final cost of care for each of your service users. Care Control will look at each service user’s Care Plan and their level of need and give you an approximated cost.

You can view this by going to your Full Admin page and select 1 – the Care Planning tab and then 2 – the Dependency/Cost of Care tab.

You will then see the Dependency Management page showing Dependency Groups. You will see there is a Care Control Set -this has been populated based on a time and motion study at several care homes, looking into elements of care within the Care Reviews and how long the care takes to be provided and by whom.

You can use this as a baseline and once you get to understand the system you may wish to complete your own Dependency Group which will allow you greater accuracy. To set your own Dependency Group select Add New.

After you select Add New, the next screen will ask you to enter the information of your Dependency Group.

(1) Dependency Name – it is recommended that you select it based on the (2) Care Control Set. When you have entered the information select (3) Continue.

You will then see your Dependency Group in the list.

Select your Dependency Group and select Explore which will enable you to view your Care Review Domains and the Levels of Need in each domain.

You will see your Care Review Domains and the different levels – Low, Moderate, High and Severe. These are the Levels of Need you choose in each domain when completing your service users’ Care Reviews.

Selecting Explore next to the Level of Need will allow you to explore that particular level in more detail – remember this has been populated based on a time and motion study at several care homes, looking into elements of care within the Care Reviews and how long the care takes to be provided and by whom.

Selecting Explore next to these times will enable you to view the minutes per day set for that level and also the Staff Role assigned for this. Depending on the associated role, the outcome of cost will vary due to the different pay scales.

You can choose to edit the time and the Staff Role if you feel the time required should be longer or shorter or a different role is required to complete this part of the care domain. For example, for medication it would be a nurse or senior carer who would be administering possibly and not a carer or support worker. You can edit this by selecting the Edit tab.

You will then see a screen where you can edit the associated role and the number of minutes assigned. When you are happy with your changes select Continue.

This will then update the minutes for that level of the domain.

You have a couple more options available on the main Dependency Management screen.

Cost of Care

You can view and edit the Cost of Care by selecting the Cost of Care tab. It is important to have the correct costs entered as this all goes towards the final outcome for the total Cost of Care for your service users.

Once you have selected the Cost of Care tab you will then see a screen called Cost of Care – Configuration/Analysis.

Here you can view Care Costs, Non-Care Costs, Analysis Summary and Analysis Detail by selecting the tab you wish to view.

Care Costs

This is the cost of your staff per hour. You will need to enter the hourly rate for the different roles when you enter this. The True Cost will automatically be calculated for you.

Non-Care Costs

These are important costs you have within your organisation such as building insurance, council tax, food, heating and maintenance, all of which need to be taken into account to work out the total cost of your service users each week. You will need to break these down into weekly costs and divide this by the number of service users you have.

Analysis Summary

Selecting this tab will give you the following screen.

You can choose the Dependency Group and select the resident you wish to view followed by Load Data Set.

This will then show you the weekly cost for that service user. You will see your non-care costs in the summary breakdown of your weekly costs and you can choose to print this if you wish.

Analysis Detail

Here you can select the Dependency Group and the service user and select Load Data Set. This will then show you a breakdown of the costs for each level of need that your service user requires and non-care costs in daily and weekly hours – select Print Report if required.

You can also view your Analysis of Care/ Cost of Care.

If you select Analysis you will then see the screen below.

Dependency Rank

This is a report showing your service users in dependency order. The highest dependency service user will be in position number 1 and you will be able to see their Required Care Hours Per Day and Per Week.

Monthly Trend

This is a report showing the difference between care hours defined on your Rota and care hours required by your service user based on their Level of Need. You can use this to check that you are providing the necessary amount of care.

Hours Trend

This is a report showing the variance in minutes between a Live Rota and the Dependency Values for each 15-minute interval over 24 hours.

For example, you can see from the table below that between 07:30am and 10:30am there was a shortfall of care.

If you wish to see the times of day for tasks such as morning medications, select Bulk Time Upload.

Here you can see the times you have set and you can enter your own times in the Your Value column – once you have entered your information select Save Changes.

You can select to View Matrix, which shows an overview of your data.

You can also view your Staff Role Assignment.

Here you can assign a role to the area of Dependency by selecting which Dependency Role and the Staff Role that you want to assign to that area. When completed select Continue.