Creating a Manual Allocation

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To set up a manual allocation, firstly go the Administration of Care Control on Windows. Select Staff Area and then Manage Allocations.

Select Full Allocation.

Find the service user you want to allocate by scrolling through the list.

Once you have found the service user select Amend to the right of the screen.

Select the staff member(s) you would like to allocate to the resident by clicking on their name on the right side. If you wish to assign multiple staff simply click on the name of more than one staff member so they are highlighted in black.

Select Assign Staff and your staff will now appear to the right under the Assigned staff Members.

If you make a mistake and would like to start again, select Start Over.

Once completed select Save & Next>>.

You will notice your selection will now appear to the right of service users name.

You can also create allocations by selecting the allocation issue from the Allocation Issues tab.

Selecting the allocation issue will open up the same Assign staff box as we saw earlier in this article.