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Configuration options for Care Control Biometric

There are a couple of system settings that can be set within Care Control Windows that will affect how Care Control Biometric will work.

From the Admin Centre, select Advanced Stuff:

Then select System Settings:

Select Sign In/Sign Out:

And you will come to the Setting Details screen where you will be able to choose:

– Whether or not you use CC Biometric System

– Biometric Login Attempt numbers (anything up to 10 attempts is permitted). The intention of this is to still allow users to sign in even if they cannot match their fingerprint, so that the system still records some form of signing in. However, if they do sign in without biometrics, it will be shown on the biometrics login report as a special kind of login which administrators can monitor for malicious intent, or identify users who perhaps need their fingerprints reset as their stored prints are not a of sufficient quality and a match is difficult to make.

and also:

– Whether or not you wish to Force Staff to Read New Messages on Sign In and/or on Sign Out

– Whether or not users can sign out if they have Outstanding Tasks