Care Control Roster Webinar – Part 6 – Processing a Staff Leaver

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This transcript contains time markers and screen shots of the webinar.


We’re just going to show you one other area of the staff module before we then go into looking at the new, updated Roster.

Hopefully you’ve got a flavour as to some of the changes regarding staff roles, contracts, holidays, etc.


So, one other change we’ve made to the staff file is the Staff Leaver process.

So before, I know it was quite frustrating for people as you couldn’t mark a staff as a Leaver until they were off the rota which meant there was always some delay in processing Leavers. What you can do now is, when you Process a Staff Leaver

…you can set their date 28 days in the future or immediately. So I can, for example, set this date to the 5th July 2019…

…and what that will do is when I save that record…

…it will automatically now update the staff file to include that new Leave Date:

You can see now the Leave Date is shown against the staff member:

You can cancel that Leave Date if you want to:

The holiday has been automatically adjusted based on that future leave date…

…so the contract end date has been entered in for that system, so you can see that that’s going to affect the holiday and in this example there’s going to be quite a lot of holiday hours owed if this staff member were to leave at this point because of the leave they’ve already taken so far.

If that Leaver request is not valid and wants to be cancelled you can just click on where it says Cancel Leaver

…and that will then cancel that particular Leaver and basically unwind all those changes that have taken place. So that’s just an important new bit of functionality when it comes to managing Leavers.

End of Care Control Roster Webinar – Part 6 – Processing a Staff Leaver – Please see Care Control Roster Webinar – Part 7 for the continuation of the Webinar.