Care Control Roster Webinar – Part 4 – Holidays Part 2 – Booking Holidays on Windows, Pocket and Mobile

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This transcript contains time markers and screenshots of the webinar.


If we talk about how we book holidays, then there’s a number of ways you can do that. First of all as administrators you can book it through the staff screen by clicking on Make a Booking:

If I go to a staff member in question…

… and we get up Joan James’s record…

…we can make a booking – a similar screen to how it used to be on Care Control Windows. We have up here the year and how many hours are available on each of those years:

Here we can put a date span in:

So, if we were to say choose 19th August to the 31st August…

…and then we hit Next Step

…the system will calculate how many hours of holiday that is…

…so in this case 48.28 hours. However, it’s also identified there are issues with this booking:

Now regardless of whether you’ve got Auto Booking turned on or off, the system will still run through the checks that you’ve got set up in your system. So if I look at the issues…

…it’s telling me that it’s failed on two checks. Check 2 was “Has this holiday period already been allocated to other staff members?” and you can see that it has, and that’s breaking one of our rules and Check 6 “Have you tried to book holiday over reserve days?” and we have bank holidays turned on on the system and you can see that the August Bank Holiday is included:

So if you had Auto Booking turned on this wouldn’t be allowed to be auto booked. So, in this example if you want to try to book this, we’re going to have to process the holiday:

We’ll go back to where we were previously…

So, we’ve put that booking in.


We could also use – to make bookings – other systems as well:

So, for example, if we’re using Care Control Mobile

…and we go to the Staff Menu

…and staff go to Book a Holiday

…they will see a very similar form in terms of their booking experience…

…as used on Windows. So again, if we pick John James from the list and we were to change the dates to a similar set of dates in August…

…the system will calculate the hours again:

We can then Run the Check

…and then again you can see that this is failing some fundamental rules which again we can see…

…exactly the same rules that have failed as we saw on the other system. We’ve used slightly different dates here, so the number of hours is different, but again it’s the same principle in terms of being able to book holidays through these different devices.


Similarly, if staff are using Care Control Pocket, we can go to the Staff Menu

…and here you now have the new option of Booking a Holiday

…and staff can use this – as administrator I have the option to pick multiple staff…

…they won’t have that option obviously. But here we’ve got the same type of functionality in terms of being able to pick dates…

…from the list… running the checks…

…looking at the Issues

…and then putting that information into the system. So, exactly the same set of principles in terms of being able to book Holiday either through Care Control Mobile or Care Control Pocket.

End of Roster Webinar Part 4 – Holidays Part 2 – The webinar transcript continues in Part 5