Assigning Groups to Screens

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Once you have created a Group and added Instances (please see the help pages on the CC Academy website in the Care Control Screens and Controller section for how to do this) you can assign this Group to be displayed on a Screen.

NB – Please refer to the Glossary of terms for the Care Control Screens Controller Application on the CC Academy website for help with the terminology used.

Allocating a Group to a Screen

Step 1

From the Home Screen, press Screen Management.

Step 2

Select which Screen from the list you wish to assign the Group to.

Step 3

Select the Group you wish to assign from the left hand side. You can check that its contained Instances are as expected on the right hand side.

Once you are happy with your selection, select Save to confirm your choice.

Please note: After changing a Screen’s assigned Group, it will need to finish its current loop before changing. Alternatively, restarting the device will change it instantly.

The selected Group will now begin to play on the Screens device.

You can assign this Group to as many Screens as you like.

Any changes made to the Group, will reflect now on this Screen automatically.