Care Control – Our Development Vision for 2020

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Care Control is constantly being developed and enhanced. However, often our clients are only aware of the developments when they are about to be released! We have laid out below our broad development schedule for the coming 12 months.

This is subject to change and we will continue to be quick to adapt to any specific challenges we encounter. And of course, this is not an exhaustive list, with many of our smaller “tweaks” not included for sake of brevity.

Our objective remains – to make Care Control the most comprehensive, relevant system for the UK Care Industry!

Quarter 1 – Jan until March

Development System Affected The Detail!
Manager Mode CC Pocket, CC Windows Copy much of the Administration functionality only available within CC Windows onto the managers phone. This would allow fast and instance access to critical areas of the system. Features include: –

  • Adding a service user
  • Adding a staff member
  • Changing Monitoring
  • Add Custom Task
  • Managing Holiday
  • Set-up Alerts
  • Analysis and Reports

Plus, new feature of: –

  • Maintenance Management
Friends and Family CC Pocket Friends and Family can access CC on a Mobile Phone: –

  • Dashboard sized to a phone
  • Same access to Care Plan
  • Access to Personal Allowance
  • Access to Fees
  • Easily send Memory Box Items
  • Take surveys
Care Plans Plus CC Pocket Adding extra Care Plans onto Pocket to allow a fuller access experience –

  • Complete Care Reviews
  • Pre-Assessments
  • Risk Assessments
  • Single Customer Form Monitoring
Office 365 Support CC Windows 64-bit version of CC Windows will be released. This will allow all versions of Office 365 to access CC Windows. We will then stop supporting Access 2010 for CC Windows.
Remote Desktop Support CC Windows An option for clients who do not want to use CC Windows: –

  • Access CC Windows on Google Chromebook
  • Access CC Windows on Apple Devices including IPAD
Power BI Reports CC Analysis More reports to be added to the Power BI Platform. This includes support for E-Mar Analysis and more detail drill down functionality.

Quarter 2 – April until June

Development System Affected The Detail!
Integrated E-Mar CC eMar Care Control have been invited to integrated with Emis. Emis is a key system used by NHS Pharmacies.

Integrating eMar will allow direct support by pharmacies to update and amend eMar automatically.

Roster Version 2.0 All Systems The next update on Roster focusing on closing integration for holidays, improved Dom Care support and further reports.
Microsoft Connector CC Analysis For our larger, more IT enabled clients, the Microsoft Connector will allow the building of Power Apps directly by our clients using their data.

Already being used by CC Analysis, this project will enable us to provide a safe, public route for companies to develop CC Apps based on CC Data.

Allocations CC Mobile, CC Pocket Allocations are an incredibly useful tool, but they have been stuck within CC Windows since their conception.

This development will bring the Allocations functionality into CC Mobile and CC Pocket.

This will allow shift leads to: –

  • Grab a device and amend allocations
  • Quickly swipe tasks to staff
  • Analysis allocations success

In addition to this work, the allocation staff screen will be enhanced to provide: –

  • Much clearer timeline to when tasks are due
  • More visibility on success
  • More visibility on issues

This will provide care staff with a “personal allocations screen”.

Quarter 3 – July until September

Development System Affected The Detail!
CC Pure Cloud New System We are planning on offering another way of connecting to Care Control.

Called CC Pure Cloud, this is an Internet Browser system that will allow core administration and analysis of Care Control.

To start this system will compliment our existing systems, however it is envisaged that in time it will replace CC Windows as a means of accessing Care Control for administration purposes.

This is a big project and the release schedule will continue well into 2021.

Quarter 4 – October until December

Development System Affected The Detail!
CC Marketing New System A key component that is missing from Care Control is to provide direct Marketing Support.

When we have room vacancies or recruitment challenges, we all follow a defined process to try and resolve that problem through marketing.

This new component will allow you to easily promote room vacancies, staff vacancies, include integration with a website, Facebook and other marketing channels.